Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Are you in love with the man, sex, or the money?

Ladies had you ever had to ask yourself this question? Have you ever met a man that put it down so well in the bedroom that you felt like you were in love after the first? Or have you met a man that had money to spare and he spoiled you and you felt like you were in love at the three shopping spree? So the question becomes are you in love with the man, sex or love?

We as women are very influential, especially when it comes to a man that can offer us either good sex or spoil us in abundance. We become so caught up n the sexual escapades or shopping sprees that we no longer see the true qualities or characteristics of the real man. If he’s knocking our socks off in the bedroom on a regular and/or taking us on constant shopping sprees everything else becomes irrelevant. But at some point you will ask yourself is good sex and/or shopping sprees enough to keep me happy?

True love is not built on or formed from good sex and/or shopping sprees but on genuine feelings for one another. These are byproducts of being in love. The best test is to honestly ask yourself, if he lost all of his money could I still love him or if he could no longer put it down in the bedroom could I still love him? If the answer is “no” then you are not in love with the man, you are in love with what that man can do for you until he can no longer do it anymore for you.

So the very next time you meet that man that can throw it down in the bedroom or take you on shopping sprees and you think you’re in love ask yourself these questions? The answer just may surprise you.

I‘m just saying!

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