Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is swinging more natural than monogamy?

There are only two species that are monogamous by nature. That is the killer whale and the penguin and they are both black and white. So therefore, there is no gray, it’s either black or white. It’s either you are or you’re not. The human species by nature was not born to be monogamous. Monogamy is a trained art and something that has to be constantly worked on because it is not a natural ability for humans. Which leads me to this question is swinging more natural than monogamy?

I believe most women are better at being monogamous because we are naturally emotional creatures and we usually have to have an emotional connection with a man before we become intimate with them. Men on the other hand are physical and lustful creatures by nature therefore it’s easier for them to become intimate with a woman without getting emotionally attached to them.

Swinging is more popular than most think. It’s becoming more acceptable in some relationships because not only does it keep the relationship exciting but in most cases it avoids the inevitable, cheating. If both partners are willing to participate in swinging in order to keep the flame alive in their relationship and to avoid outside cheating then who are we to judge them?

Is swinging more natural than monogamy? I believe from a natural perspective, yes. Most may not agree and I am not saying I condone or participate in swinging but I understand why couples choose to participate in it. It could possibly eliminate the outside cheating and it keeps the relationship appealing. If both partners like it, I love it!

I’m just saying.

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