Sunday, May 1, 2011

If Titles Were Meant To Be Then They Will Happen Naturally

This is just some quick advice for those people who must have titles when they are dating someone. If you meet someone and you two are vibing and things are going well don’t stress about titles. As soon as the “title” conversation happens it could change the dynamics of the situation. My advice is just go with the flow because if titles were meant to be then they will happen naturally. If and when you are in tune with someone you will know when you two are in a “relationship” without having to bring up the “title” conversation.

This conversation can make some people uncomfortable especially when they are not ready to have this conversation. If this is the case it may actually push that person away from you and mess up the whole flow of the relationship. So again, just fall back, relax and live in the moment, if it was meant to be then it will be. Enjoy the time that you spend with this person and don’t rush the “title” conversation because it may cause you to mess up a good thing that could have been a great thing!

I’m just saying

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